9 months ago
What classes do you not play?

I do not play:

Druids:Just can’t stand them,They are so boring.

Mage:They just do not give me the WOW feeling.

Hunter:Miss the old Survival and Beast Mastery spec.

9 months ago
What classes do you not play?

Economics class. Man am I bad at managing my gold… :rofl:

On topic I actually don’t know, maybe druid would be my least played class, mainly as I played a bit of everything else before trying druid.
Even then I still got one to max back in Legion, haven’t spent much time on it in Battle for Azeroth though to be honest.

Reading the replies here some of them really could have been me at different points in my time playing WoW though, what I want to play at any given time depends on mood and what I want to do etc.

Currently Ranked: Fluff