8 months ago
Transmog lvl restrictions?

Just curious why is there lvl restrictions with transmog?

Like if I have unlocked stuff on my main I wanna use it on my alts, not wait 80 or 100 levels to use it…

Is there a good reason for the restriction, coz I don’t get it?

8 months ago
Transmog lvl restrictions?

That is a solid suggestion!

My guess is, and I’m saying this without knowing if there is an inherent design limitation, that leveling your character is a journey. Allowing to transmog a character with the flashiest gear, may take away a bit of that journey.

The transmogrification system is something that the developers are constantly evaluating and improve upon. Please keep the feedback about this coming! :slight_smile:

8 months ago
Transmog lvl restrictions?

General rule on these, content the item comes from, you need to be at least high enough level to get started in that content.
Vanilla raid stuff works on level 1s as they are in the range for Vanilla content, 1-60.
Burning Crusade appearances then unlock at 60 and so on.

It’s not exact as there are a few things that don’t follow that, but it’s a good place to start understanding some of the level limits.

As for the suggestions about the level limits themselves, that’s certainly something the WoW Team will need to look at going forward for Shadowlands with the change in the levels that’s coming.
Be interesting to see how that all works out :slight_smile:

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