1 year ago
Why is there this innate expectation that everyone should know what they are doing?

I see this alot concerning PVP and PVE servers.

“You should have known what you were signing up for!”

Why? Why should you have known? Because the game is solved? Not everyone knows that. There are many players that have never played WoW before, never played Vanilla and never looked up guides online. Why do we ignore these people and just expect them to know everything in advance?

Same goes for BiS gear. Seems like you are almost expected to even know OTHER CLASSES BiS lists, because a Hunter rolling on Savage Glad Chest because its mail and good gear is still bad because “The warrior would not replace it as soon as the Hunter would.”

Yes, the game is 15 years old. Yes every nook and cranny is known. But we can still not expect everyone to be fully informed. Its stupid and elitist. Some people actually prefer to play blind and get their experience ruined by people expecting them to not play blind.

1 year ago
Why is there this innate expectation that everyone should know what they are doing?

Here’s my take on this, and this is my personal opinion as a player who played launch week in the US and then restarted on EU when the servers came up here, but also as someone who’s been here at Blizzard for the past 11 years.

Classic is kind of like dusting off that old NES and firing up Super Mario Bros again. It’s ingrained into you, you know the maps, the worlds, you can remember things, it doesn’t mean you’re going to one clear speed run it though.

Even the most old school players from Vanilla can make mistakes, and that’s totally normal for something as massive and complex as WoW is.
My own playtime in Classic would be described as sub optimal, but I’m not there to be BiS everything, I’m there to re-explore a world I fell in love with and still hold very dear.

Sure now a days the resources available are far improved, having info at your fingertips online is a massive help. Meant I didn’t have to dig out my old Brady Games inch thick companion book and world maps again and my folder of notes :smiley:
I still did, and my original WoW mousemat from back in the day just to have them nearby, hoping some of that old lore and knowledge rubbed off again I guess.

No one should be expected to know everything, you can’t, there’s simply too much out there in Azeroth to even try.

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