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Leveling in Shadowlands - Request


So I’ve been thinking about the upcoming changes, and intent to simplify the leveling process in Shadowlands, where you’ll be able to pick in which expansion you want to level, and them saying that you should be able to reach lvl 50 by doing a one expansion whole storyline/quests.

I know this is pretty exciting for everyone, as it will allow you to level faster, and by only doing the content/expansion you enjoy.

What I’d like to request is if they could add an option (maybe “hidden” kinda like the XP turn off NPCs, or maybe an extra option in the pop-up that will appear) where it would allow us to set an option so we could still level in a similar way to what we have today, meaning leveling through the expansions:

1-60 - Azeroth
60 -80 - TBC or WTLK
80-90 - Cata/MoP
90-100 - WoD
100-110 - Legion
110-120 - BFA

With the level squish, adapting this to the new level brackets ofc.

I know this might be silly, but one of the things I love about leveling alts is leveling in one place for a couple of levels, and eventually getting excited to go to another expasion content once I finish a zone/storyline/level bracket.

I know you’re not obliged to level in only one expansion once you pick it, and you can just do a zone, and then skip the rest, and pick another expansion to continue - but I don’t want this. I prefer an option that will maybe reduce drastically the XP gains, so we can flow more naturally/similarily to what we have today into each expansion - meaning, we have to do more zones/quests to level up.

The leveling is part of the journey of the character you play with, and by doing only one expansion worth of content, that jorney will feel incomplete to me. Like, I want my characters to have a story to tell on how they’ve battled the devastation left by deathwing, and then ventured into the frozen lands of Northrend, and then met the Pandaren and fought the Sha, and then travelled to an alternate universe, to then come back and fighting the burning Legion.

I hope that this reaches a blue, and it’s taken into consideration. With all in mind that this would be a COMPLETELY OPTIONAL way vs what we’ll have.

1 month ago
Leveling in Shadowlands - Request

Just wanted to highlight for this thread that veteran players will have a choice between levelling the new way or the old way. Of course the level numbers will be different but the OP here will be able to do what they want to do as it currently stands.

IMPORTANT: This is future content and is subject to change at any point in time. I can only comment on what was mentioned at Blizzcon 2019 by the developers. Stay tuned to your fansite of choice for datamined entries or participate in the beta for Shadowlands if you are lucky enough to be selected for it :slight_smile:

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Leveling in Shadowlands - Request

Again, this can be subject to change so I can’t be definitive on this but from my understanding based on the Blizzcon panels, you can just freely travel to do what you want. The choice to level the old fashioned way is not taken away, just reserved for those that wish to do it that way.

The only stipulation they mentioned was that new players would have the new starting zone, then go right into the new expansion. Once that’s been done once (again, the specifics not nailed down), the option to level the time traveling way is open.

Lastly, just because I can’t stress this enough, this is all subject to change so feel free to speculate and provide feedback on how you would like it to work, but keep in mind nothing is set in stone just yet. :slight_smile:

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