1 month ago
Class ( Specialisation ) : Music

Greeting Forum !

Fun topic here, the objective is to associate a class (specialisation) you have played with a music ( you can do all spec if you want) with a simple format.
Mine for example :

You are not oblige to link music for all class and spec, you can make only the spec you play ( mine is the specialisation i’ve played above) .

How to do link for music ?
It’s on the same line to write list of object, Writting Strong text and Emoji.
Just above the window when writing a topic.
Mac user : (⌘K)

Now up to you to share your music with the Class (Specialisation) you play :smiley: !

1 month ago
Class ( Specialisation ) : Music

Everytime you see any class spec with jumping abilities you can’t help but mentally start singing Jump by Van Halen.

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