4 weeks ago
Finding a place to call home

Hey peeps, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying Classic as much as I do.

As a semi-veteran Wow Player, I had the chance to see a bit of Wow and even join a rogue-only guild back on WoD.

Of course, rogue has become my beloved one since I started the game early cata. And I never stopped since.

So now, discovering Classic and happy owner of a rogue, I pushed my old GM to join the adventure in Classic. And he does. And he’ll bring some friends!

So we are looking for a good Shelter for the (re-)birth of our little guild. We were considering going on Horde side, because of the obvious PvP advantages the racial offers. (Did someone say “Hardiness”?) and we are looking also for a good challenge so we’d love to check on a Alliance-sided realm.

I am not sure the stats on WoWhead and other sites that appears on search engines’ first pages are actually accurate, and I’ve visited some, there are really interesting one and some…. Really dead one.

So, if you are in this kind of pop’d server, regardless of the side you’re playing, please feed us with details we’d love to pick the perfect one and have some fun with you guys!

Much Love


3 weeks ago
Finding a place to call home

“Bump” into them. Yes, in Arathi Basin. With your daggers. KEK :blue_heart: :crossed_swords: :heart: BUR

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