3 weeks ago
New Character


I reach you in time of need and help my friend,
I wanna go for a new character in wow classic but got no one to so with. I got a character already which is in stand-by for the absence of my friends to keep going, but at the same time i really wanna try out another class and, why not, make new friends!
The server is still to decide (As well as the class)
Everyone’s welcome.

3 weeks ago
New Character

Hello Iratiel!

I bet you’re enticed by the soon-to-be-open old-school Arathi Basin! Check out the latest (WoW Classic Version 1.13.4 Patch Notes) while you install Classic.

It might also be an idea to hop on over to the guild recruitment postings, and connect with your future battle-buddies!

Are you a Stables/Farm kinda person? A Lumber Mill lunatic? Gold Mine guerilla? Or do you like to get straight to the heart of the matter, in the Blacksmith?

Currently Ranked: Fluff