1 year ago
Reliving The Naxxramas Experience

Dear Classic & Vanilla players,

as we all know, “Classic WoW” has been cleared over 10 years ago and meanwhile, countless perfectionized Addons exactly tell us mind-blindly what to do and where to go.
There are BIS lists, calculations of max dps output and so forth…

In addition, Blizzard decided to go with one of the latest patches which considerably nerfed raids like MC and BWL.

As there is no chance to undo the present, there is a chance for us to decide how to play and what to use.
I am intrigued by the idea to find a Raid for Naxxramas (which should not be nerfed I guess/hope) with well equipped people that
do NOT use guides, pre-existing tactics
but re-live the experience of finding out how the game mechanics work.

If there are any people out there who think in a crazy same manner, comment on this thought. I would love to end my Vanilla experience several years later the way it never ended for me because I never finished this beautiful instance. And I never will considering how WoW Classic is played right now.

Zeetah (GER)

1 year ago
Reliving The Naxxramas Experience

Great idea! As someone who did that back in the day, I can say there’s nothing quite like stepping into naxx and having people screaming “why won’t it dieeeeee?!” so I certainly see the appeal of going in blind.

If you get such a group together, please, come back and regale us with your adventures!

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