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A third playable faction: the Remnant.
Over the years, the Alliance and Horde have both crushed many enemy organisations, and scattered their survivors to the winds. Some, like the Defias and Bloodsail, seem to have found new homes working alongside us--or at least, some of their members have.

And through it all, the Horde has become just as monolithic as the Alliance, their purpose for staying united no longer simply a case of "the Alliance exists and hates us." I think it's time to get back to the old-school Horde themes, but to do so in a way that doesn't ruin the Horde's development or suddenly make the Alliance start eating babies just for the sake of conflict.

I'd like to see a third faction, comprised of renegades from across the world--the people who survived our attacks and didn't change their ways. The sort of faction that hits on the Horde's old-school themes--that of the rampant invader and the outcasts grouping together because the world hates them.

Thus, I present to you: the Remnant.

Almost every race is represented in the Remnant in some capacity, though not all as player characters. If the Alliance is standard heroic fantasy and the Horde is the noble savage anti-hero, the Remnant is for the person who just wants to play the bad guy and be absolutely, irredeemably evil.

All Remnant characters start in a single zone--a meeting point chosen to facilitate the 'peace' talks between the organisations involved. Defias, Druids of the Flame, Iron Horde, ex-Legion demons, Scarlet Crusade, Cult of the Damned, etc... for their own survival and the hope of revenge on the organisations that cast them down, they will side with their fellow renegades...

...for now.

Remnant characters have access to the full range of PvE and PvP content; their only justifications for entering dungeons and raids are power and wealth, and keeping both out of the hands of both the Alliance and Horde. As for PvP, they're just in it for the killing.
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A third playable faction: the Remnant.
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