2 years ago
Auction bad price
My fail, sell item under price :( .
PLS Help me!!! I make Geosynchronous world spinner for all my money, but i make auction for 99 goldy, no for 99k golds .
immediately i want cancel auction, but platypus buy item. I wrote him, but he dont answer! Pls help me! In the item i was all my money.
Server is EU - Drak'thul
Thank you
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2 years ago
Auction bad price
Hey Birkhof,

I know it's not fun when this happens, but it is something that unfortunately happens to most of us at some point. As mentioned by some others already here, all sales and purchases made on the Auction House are final. Game Masters cannot refund the purchase or return the item from the sale itself.

If you have any suggestions or feedback on the auction house system, report this through the in-game suggestion option or discuss this further in the General Forum.
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2 years ago
Auction bad price
Hello everybody,

Since everything is said here regarding the topic, i will be closing here now.

Kind regards

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