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Alts Strategy
Hey guys.

So since Vanilla I have always been keen to have alts. Yeah, at first I played only my main but then I got curious. And now I basicly end up with every class on both factions 100+ with a few 110 already.

My question every expansion is the same - What's gonna be my alt strategy. Yeah, I know, I am probably overthinking this but I like to have some fixed strategy to basicly have a goal.

Strategy for main is simple - do everything. Yet I always like to have everything done on everything, I have only one lifetime :P

So what would your tip or strategy would be for someone with so many alts, yet the alts wouldn't feel that unfinished? I like gears, but most of the time I care on most of my alts for the tier transmogs etc. I am not looking for "gear as fast as possible".

I am looking for something like:
- pick one horde and one alliance
- level them to max
- skip everything except doing Surama
- Broken Shore
- etc etc.

As detailed you can be I will appreciate it. I like to simply have stages and just fixed strategy :)

What is your tip? What is your personal strategy?

Thank you for your time and help

With love

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Alts Strategy
Oooh, a topic just for me!

I'm a complete altoholic. I finished leveling my 12th character to 110 a while back and this is usually my goal at some point during an expansion, to have all classes at max level and some decent gear.

For me it's always been about the chance to play something new whenever I log in. I might feel like doing a dungeon, or a raid. I might feel like tanking or healing instead of dps. I might feel like clearing some dailies or world quests, or finally start working on that one unlock that's previously eluded me. Farming for mounts gets a lot easier once you have 12 attempts a week :).

With Legion I've really been enjoying the different class hall stories and the extra storylines with the new champions and the class mounts. I've started to focus on unlocking a bunch of the hidden and alternative appearances for all my artifact weapons, since I'm also a transmog fan and want to make sure I have these unlocked for the future after Legion. It's all about keeping myself busy and finding new reasons to log in each day :).

I usually try to set myself a challenge or find new ways to level up as the expansion progresses. Aside from the usual "do zone quests". I've tried leveling through PvP, Legion invasions, pet battles - it's always a new challenge for me and I love reading about new ways to level up or things to do on these forums and our fansites.

Great thread to share some experiences and learn some new things here!
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