1 year ago
Dead realms
Something really needs to be done about the dead (low population) realms. I am currently playing on ER and it is linked with DMF. Honestly even with the easy group finding for realm quests it is so, so quiet in the main. Go to do some auctioning NO ONE in SW that I can see. Nope not a soul... Hang around in the vindicar at peak times and see only 3 other players...

I thought I would also have a look at the peak popular areas at the moment and I stood around an Argus invasion... Guess how many people I saw in 10 minutes? 7 yes 7.

Stuff on AH doesn't sell and next to no random and wonderful encounters with RPers. It has been so long since they did a bit of merging and I can't afford to move my characters at AD at £19 a pop. A huge part of the game is missing and it's forcing me out of love and interest with the game. My only other option? Put my time and effort into rerolling and losing all my hard work?

I just expect so much more and a general buzz and liveliness in the game. I really think changes need to happen whether it is;
    More merges

    Removal of realms with the offering of free transfers

    Free migration to ER/DMF

    Bonuses for new players e.g. xp boosts for picking that realm

I'd like to hear your thoughts :)
1 year ago
Dead realms
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