2 years ago
Amount of champions
Currently I have only 5 slots for champions in my order hall. With upgrade Roster of Champions I am going to have access to 6. However the internetz say that I can have up to 7 active champions.
How can I get the seventh slot?

Thank you
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2 years ago
Amount of champions
11/12/2017 08:56Posted by Húmúz
You automatically get an extra one at some point in the campaign as I recall.

Correct :)

Each Class has an Order Advancement upgrade called "Roster of Champions", which increases the number of Champions the character can have active at once by one.

This is a Tier 7 upgrade, costing 10000 Order Resources. To unlock it, players first need to complete the "Champions of Legionfall" achievement.

As an example, this is the Death Knight's version of the upgrade.

Edit: Completing Champions of Legionfall unlocks another slot, and that is indeed an automated process, as Húmúz mentioned :)

Have fun!
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