2 years ago
I'd like to express something personal.
Hey, This may come across corny or down right weird, Though this game has gave me such a diverse and expansive understanding of the world we live in, I play this game to escape the outside world for my own reasons and then I come to realise yes its fantasy but the main aspects of why I play it was merely to regain a fresh restart at making social interactions and friends who do not prejudge by what they see and instead judge others by what there given by actions.

This game has truly made me a better person overall in my life being 25 on 13th of this month I've taken the time to look back at myself and noticed I had a lot of hatred towards others based on my shortcomings in school from the age of 5 to 18 not being given a chance to even express my self worth and kindness to others, Though when I first stepped into this game I can always remember the first day just casually playing making my way through the game silently on my own as the loner i had developed into due to my segregation from others for no reason but being the odd one out of the pack of wolfs at school, This games community truly helped me turn into someone I never expected to be but only wish I could, This game gave me self worth from others across the world and those close also, This game stopped me from spiralling into a state of sheer depression based on the music which calmed me and resorted in making me forget the negative things in my life after this happens I then ventured into making more friends discussing with them lightly to then become extremely close and getting to know people far closer than I ever thought someone would want, I've helped others from getting through depression, loss, sheer lack of understanding of there self worth and much more.

Though what I treasure the most out of everything that this game has given me is that it gave me the fresh start that I needed to be a better person not just for myself but for others who lacked the start that others achieve with being popular or cool.

I just wanted to express how much this actually means to me and say thank you, I play this game for the loot the fun and the story but most of all out of respect for what it helped me achieve I honestly can't thank you enough.

To everyone in the blizzard team, to the people who make the community.
Thank you so much.
Community Manager
2 years ago
I'd like to express something personal.
Thanks so much for sharing your story! It was delightful to read that you've not only grown as person, but also helped others through their own troubles.

World of Warcraft is a small part of the beautiful internet. It never ceases to amaze me how the internet has brought people closer together, fostered unlikely friendships and even lead to blossoming relationships.

We're always humbled to hear from players who've found friends, family, partners or even grown as a person through adventuring in our worlds. The community really does make the World of Warcraft what it is.
2 years ago
I'd like to express something personal.
This is a lovely post. Thank you for sharing!
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