2 years ago
Thinking returning to WoW after almost 11 years
Hello All,

So I have been given a free 30 days trail fro Blizzard as I'm thinking to return to WoW, I have logged in and played for a bit but everything has changed.

I stopped playing after Burning Crusade as I was finding it boring and was bit hooked up to it.

When logging back in my guild seem to have disbanded, I was playing on Frostmane server.

I have no idea how to set up my talents, how to move all my moves onto my bar when to attack etc. Seems like a completely different game.

What do you suggest if I want to return completely? To start a fresh new character and educate myself again? Taken me a while to get to 60 when it was vanilla WoW but not long to 70.

And what has changed? Worth coming back to?
2 years ago
Thinking returning to WoW after almost 11 years
Hello Yazmaniand!

Everyone in this thread has already been super helpful, which is great to see (thanks folks!). I would just like to take the opportunity to let you know we also have a New and Returning Players Forum which may be just what you're looking for: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/874698/

As covered, you'll indeed find that a lot has changed over the years. It sounds like you never really experienced the main Cataclysm expansion overhaul to the original "vanilla" content and you've obviously missed lots of class changes (and new class introductions!), along with loads of new content like dungeons, raids, battlegrounds and so forth that were introduced over the years.

The good news is that we've already automatically enabled your account to avail of most of that content without having to do anything else, by giving you access to all the previous expansions released so far. As suggested by others here, an upgrade to Legion may indeed benefit you by introducing a free level 100 boost, though I may recommend you first take some time to really get used to all the new changes before committing to that. Do keep in mind that the expansion upgrade to Legion does not include any additional game time however.

I hope you'll find your groove back, either on your Shaman or on any new character you may start instead, and make sure you check out some of the content you've missed out on over the years. The Adventure Guide (Shift+J) will be a great help to you in-game so be sure bring that up next time you're online, and I'm sure our community is ready to help you out with any other questions you may have, both here and on the New and Returning Players forum I linked earlier :).
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