1 year ago
So my Latency is high...
425 Home 411 world

Now, I recall seeing something like 80 and around maybe 100 MS

Know the only times I've seen 300+ MS? When I connected to another server, a server that is located in NA, but right now... I should have far below 300

Hell I bet my connection would be the same if I went on a NA server, PTR is based on the NA servers right? Let me look

164 Home 165 World

Cya EU, turns out I moved to the NA

The hell is going on here.
1 year ago
So my Latency is high...

If you are still experiencing connection issues, make sure to go through the Connection Troubleshooting Support Article. Go through all the steps listed, including the Advanced Troubleshooting and game specific steps. Retest afterwards, and let me know if things have improved.
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