1 year ago
Is this normal MS/Ping? Playable??
well i decided to go horde
since i played horde like 7 years ago and i just came back
last week but i went alliance i didnt feel at home so im now horde
but i had to leave the realm because the realm i was on horde is pretty dead
so now im on a different realm but my ms there is 20-23 but on the alliance server i got 8-10 so its double..
is it still a good ms? or should i leave?
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1 year ago
Is this normal MS/Ping? Playable??
12/02/2018 14:09Posted by Ofensor
If we were to throw a dwarf at the speed of light in a vacuum it would take 67 milliseconds for it to travel 10,000 KM.
Good analogy! A dwarf Holy Paladin, delivering the Light.

To the OP: as said above, that ping is still very good. Different servers can be on different data centers, but the difference in latency between them should be negligible for most of Europe.
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