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Blizzard reached new low with rep requirements for allied races. Never before a feature of new expansion required grinding content of previous expansion.

I thought I'd give it a go, installed WoW again, bought 1 month of game time, but 2 days later I'm uninstalling WoW.

Issues I have with those rep grinds:

1. Nightfallen and Highmountain can only be unlocked by horde. Bad news for me, my mains are on alliance side. So I guess I should level a horde and grind rep on it or for absolutely no reason pay for faction change? Screw that.

2. Argus rep is painfully slow. World quests on Argus give 2-3 times less reputations than world quests in older Legion zones. Why? I see no reason to have such massive difference other than to make players stay on Argus for longer.

3. No other way to obtain reputations. When we had flying to unlock in WoD, in addition to grinding rep players could trade rep tokens. Why are all factions in Legion have only 1 identical way of obtaining reputation? Why not offer choice to players?

Why is it so poorly implemented? Had Blizzard reached new low in standards?

edit: typos and forgot to switch characters after posting in Classic forum (not that it matters).
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1 year ago
Subscribed to check out allied races
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