1 year ago
Help a m8 out
Hello there stranger,

Recently got back into wow and not really enjoying melee as I used to so....I've been thinking about ranged (or Rogue lol?) What are your, the forums suggestions for a fun class that can easily succeed in mythic + and do well in raids? So far I've been thinking about Warlock or Boomkin but I'm open for suggestions. I have noo idea which class is doing well and which aren't, so please enlighten me!

Which class is recommended for me, bare in mind that I can't play more than casually because of my job!

1 year ago
Help a m8 out
10/02/2018 07:18Posted by SenpƄii
09/02/2018 21:55Posted by Hectik
Guess I'll have to give them both some time and try em' out, thanks for the reply!

Do the class trial, is a good way to see things up..

I definitely agree with this, utilising the class trial will let you know if you yourself will enjoy it, since every class and spec have their own unique feel and everyone has different tastes, it's important that you enjoy what you end up trying! In terms of overall Mythic+/Raids performance you can try take a look at certain log websites, the Mythic+ leaderboards and just general streams, however I do believe that at the end of you will be able to get where you want to go, regardless of the spec or class :)
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