2 years ago
Loyalty rewards do exist!
Some time ago I made a ticket about my level 110 character boost that came with the Battle For Azeroth expansion, which I don't need in any way since I already got 13 level 110 characters. I asked that if I could trade it for something else, for example a name change. I got this as a reply!

I'm Game Master Sonranos. I hope you are well today. :)

I had hoped to reach out to you earlier while you were online, though as you are not I can hopefully shed some light on the concern you had, here.

I am sorry to say there is no way for us to exchange the boost for a different service. For now, it's going to sit there until one day maybe you decide to have a class on the opposite faction of where you have it now or a different race.

That being said, You've been a loyal player with us for a long time. And we certainly appreciate the passion that you have for the game.

As such you will be happy to know I have changed the name of your DK to Samára as you asked. :)

I hope this helps! And I hope you have an awesome remainder of the week! :)

I got a free name change and got to keep the level 110 boost, for being a loyal player since vanilla and having spent much money on the game!

All you have to do is ask and perhaps you get lucky too, if you meet the same criteria.
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2 years ago
Loyalty rewards do exist!
I'm glad to hear GM Sonranos was able to help out with that exceptional name change Samára!

I'd like to point out this sort of resolution is not a common occurrence, but every once in a while one of our Game Masters may just be able surprise you ;)
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