9 months ago
Un'guro Madness
I cant really figure out what this event is about? Do it reward anything? Like mount, pet, toys? Achivments? Im currently away durring the time and was just wondering if im missing out?
9 months ago
Un'guro Madness
Heya Hecky,

Un'goro Madness is one of our new Micro-holiday events. These are small events that don't last very long and don't offer any permanent reward. They try to offer something a bit fun and different.

This event sees the Dinosaurs of Un'goro go wild, killing them will reward you with temporary buffs that allow your character to become very powerful so you can take down even bigger Dionsaurs. I would recommend checking it out if you're not busy when it's up ^.^

You can check out a guide over on wowhead here: http://www.wowhead.com/micro-holiday-overview

Enjoy the event.
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