1 year ago
So Blizzard , pay to win is now allowed?
Dozens of guilds asking u to join skype or discord for payed boosts even in mythic, for real cash..

And some of those guilds even write that *(yes they say 5$ for each boss for example) on pm to you..

So what's happening? I played lastly in cataclysm, and the game has went full free pay to win , allowed by GMs?

The trade chat is full of such ,,boosting,, guilds, which cover the first line with ,, gold,, but when u try out of curiosity to ask how, much they immidiatly go for $ price per boss..

Blizzard u have completely abandoned wow.. I am truly disgusted..
This game is far afar far far away from 2010-2009 wow...
Prepurchase bfa.. lol sure.. i will on 32th of december..
10 months ago
So Blizzard , pay to win is now allowed?
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