9 months ago
Thank you for Legion
I just wanted to send a big thank you for this expansion. I have genuinly had a blast.

I've loved the story, being a huge fan of the nighelves and the druid class, seeing Suramar, Val'Sharah and having my class hall has been awesome. Seeing and travelling to Argus, Xavius and getting the Scythe of Elune which all are things I've been curious about all the way to back to hearing of them in vanilla/TBC. It's been awesome.

I have loved my artifact weapons, and their progression path. Knowing that I will always have a weapon if I decide to change to an alt, or just change spec has been awesome. Some stories around the weapons have been better than others, but I guess that has it's obvious reason. I must admit I had no idea what G'Hanir was before Legion(did it even exist before Legion?), but you made that one work too.

I loved the Legendary system. At first I didn't understand it, but when I came back to the game after some months away and got 3 legendaries within 2 weeks I started understanding their purpose and that they were more interesting than useless. I know many hates them, but I think it's been brilliant(and I am still lacking my BiS Balance bracers). It gave me another incentive to do content that could award them. I am one of those people who have more fun with content if it offers multiple rewards. Multiple rewards might mean a lot of things, not just "physical" rewards, but also the opurtunity to play multiple roles based on what I feel like that day. After I came back to the game in May -17 catchup for alts and offspecs were managable, and this is an important aspect for me. Multiple rewards can also mean getting that extra AP, combinded with order resources and gold from my followers, alongside the chance of a legendary. I still haven't maxed my weapon relics either...

World Quests(and weeklies) - I have always hated dailies, but you changed the system into something I could live with and enjoy. Being able to pick whatever "dailies" I want to do from the entire map, while letting me see their reward on the world map, and them not taking up quest log space, was brilliant. With the emissary option up as well(again, multiple rewards for doing one thing if you like), they felt so much better than the old dailies system. I have been able to do them on my time, when I felt like it, without it feeling like the huge chore the previous expansion's dailies were.

Trial of Style - Had to add this, as I've just had loads of fun with this event too. This was just a lovely and fun event, and it even felt social.

These are some of the main aspects I have loved about this expansion, and obviosuly there has been a few things that didn't go down my alley, but overall I have a bigger blast than any expansion all the way back to TBC. I was gone for a few months, but I don't remember why, and because of that it probably didn't have anything to do with the game, though I do remember that I find it hard to keep up in the beginning, where the rate we obtained things being much lower and I was more busy IRL.

So thank you a lot for Legion! I have pre-ordered BFA and being able to preorder and access new races is also a big pluss, as I can now focus more on new and old alts until I "have to" put focus back on my main with the new expansion release. I would not have been able to play the new races for a long time after launch if they were added with the expansion, so I found it brilliant to release some of them now, when there's more time spare for alts.
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9 months ago
Thank you for Legion
Thank you so much for your feedback and for your kind words. :)

I'm really glad you enjoyed Legion and I hope you'll love Battle for Azeroth too! There will be a lot to discover and explore!

See you in Azeroth!
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