9 months ago
Icecrown: The Final Goal Achiev

I can not finish accomplishing Crusader Bridenbrad from Icecrown achiev .
I have no Q available on the map .
This is my last part that I miss to finish.

- Trivial Q is Active
- Addon Q Completist show Missing NPC Q, but there are no Q to start .
GM told me that he can not help me to activate trivial Q (I Have it )
- Ship Q complete, only daily .

I do not know what to do next .
I went through the map, but I did not figure out how to finish it.
Do you mind something?
The map is a lot of Q daily, is it necessary to meet it to meet this achiev?

9 months ago
Icecrown: The Final Goal Achiev
Hey there Mimikri,

Talking about a blast from the past as well as quite a sad story.

When it comes to Northrend (as well as Outland) quest chains, then you may remember that some could take you into different zones and still count towards a quest achievement.

The same is true with a part of the Bridenbrad's quest chain. At some point it takes you over to Dragonblight (Wyrmrest Temple) which seems to be where you left off. If you continue with the quest 'Dahlia's Tears' then you will eventually get to the end of the Bridenbrad's quest chain.

If needed, then WoWhead may help you pinpoint some NPC's or locations as well. Good luck! :)
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