2 years ago
110 boost professions
i will boost my lvl72 warrior to 110

can i get lvl700 profession which i want?
if i can which 2 professions give more golds?
2 years ago
110 boost professions
Hey Saraphen!

Indeed, characters that are level 60 or above before the boost is applied have their primary professions ranks set to 700 :)

If the character already has two professions, those will be leveled up. Alternatively, the game will automatically assign him or her two class-appropriate professions. The process is explained in more details on this page.

With regard to the most lucrative careers, I would rather let other players provide you with additional feedback - I believe that you may benefit from a diverse range of suggestions! There are, however, a few time-tested combinations (Herbalism\Alchemy is the first that comes to my mind) that you would surely not regret choosing!

Take care!
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