9 months ago
Broken Isles Diplomat (The Wardens) Achievement

i do the Broken Isles Diplomat Achievement, but i have to finish The Wardens in that Achievement.
what i need do to finish The Wardens?

Picture link: http://up419.siz.co.il/up2/lmjxynwiouzy.png

Thanks for help.
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8 months ago
Broken Isles Diplomat (The Wardens) Achievement
Wardens probably took the longest for me too when I was originally leveling up the Broken Isle factions.
Best advice I can give, keep doing the World Quests you can find, and keep an eye out for the Wardens Emissary but also the Kirin Tor Emissary quest.
When you hand in the Kirin Tor Emissary you can choose a rep token, for Wardens that's a nice boost when you can get it :)

Wowhead - The Wardens reputation guide

The World Quest Bonus Event is coming up soon too, the bonus rep from this will make things a little quicker.

All the best!
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