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Ingame Spam Report Feature is Absolutely ridiculous
The ingame report system is inherently flawed.

Now, we sell Heroic Argus boosts for gold, we are not breaking ToS, we are paying customers many of us who have paid to play this gave for 14 almost 15 years. and we advertise our boost on 7 or so servers. Now i can't say for everyone, but atleast 1 of us have gotten silenced for "spamming" by putting our advertisement in trade chat every few minutes, this is about the time it is no longer visible, and naturally fades away. meaning we just keep 1 message permanently up in the trade chat.

The Definition of Spamming in video games according to Wiki:
Chat spamming
Chat spamming is the repetition of a word or line typed out by a player using a game's chat system. Most games have some form of text messaging built for in-game communication, there is little to stop a frustrated player from flooding a server with text in the same way a user can flood a chat room. Some servers enforce rules regarding spamming, possibly resulting in players being kicked or banned. Some games allow text to be turned off or mute the player after a limited number of messages at the same time, hence nullifying this form of spamming. People usually "Copy and Paste" or use spambots. Games that utilise Quake's chat color support can provide potential positive usage such as attracting brief attention to short-spammed preset messages which can be colour coded based on the context they are to be used, allowing the team communicate and receive better situational awareness to critical situations.

Spamming according to Urban Dictionary (lol):
(Verb) The act if obnoxiously doing something repeatedly for attention or in order to disturb others.
Please quit spamming the forums with offsite links.

Neither of these fit what we managed to get silenced for. we have tried to appeal our silence, with some quite frankly useless support, i do not wish to sit here and insult people, especially when theres a chance it's not on them but their supervisor who has directed them to reply the way they do.

Now, I'm going to explain what is going on, when we advertise Heroic boosts, we get spam reported by other boost groups. there is no repercussions for this abuse of the report system, and quite frankly i don't blame them, business is business, if any Apple could just get their employers to report Microsoft and silence them, so they couldnt advertise, of course they would do that. this is no different.

You setup a game with a capitalistic monetary system. and promptly follow that up with an easily abused system that goes directly against that monetary system. it's a joke.

We appealed our silences, and was told we were "aggresively advertising, and any behaviour the player base finds anoying is reportable as spam." first of all, that is not how spam works. Spam is not whatever you find anoying, and ontop of that, you have people sitting on their !@# all day, having their job outsourced to the player base? are you actually kidding me? you replaced your support and guild masters with random people on a video game who, lets be honest, barely functions in any form of social contract already, you then give them an exploitable power that gives them an advantage if they do decide to abuse it, most of these people are in their teens, one of the most egocentrical age groups satisticly when reviewing consumer data.
I cannot fathom who at blizzard allowed this system to be passed, it is inherently flawed, lazy, and honestly, down right corrupt. any idiot with a highschool degree could've seen how this system would be abused, and the fact support outright states "we do not care why you got reported, or if you did anything wrong, people reported you end of." is just the icing on the cake.

we asked what we could do to avoid this in the future, the reply we got was "If you are every unsure if this would get you reported or punished, just don't do it" Who would ever imagine advertisement a sale in the trade chat would get you punished? this isn't of any use in any way shape or form. and honestly, if that is the only reply you can give to a genuine question in order to avoid this happening in the future, then either you should not have that job, or the job itself should not exist.

Now, i Don't think a lot of you understand what being silenced means. it means you cannot use /s /y or any other form of general or public chat. you are unable to whisper people, you are unable to invite people, if you are the leader of a raid grp EVERYONE in the raid grp becomes unable to invite. you are unable to use the LFG tool as well, effectively meaning you are unable to play, communicate or interact with anyone outside of your guild / bnet friendlist in game. you cannot pug or anything, making it extremely difficult to play the game, to be honest it makes playing an MMO completely pointless.

Is that a fair punishment for NOT breaking the ToS, advertising responsibly, and not doing anything even close to any definition of spamming you can find online? even if we did spam trade, that does not seem like a fair punishment.

Please do not leave such a hefty punishment in the hands of absolute mouth dribbling, window licking, mouth breathers, otherwise known as the average player in world of warcraft, especially with an added incentive of getting rid of the competition when trying to sell.
11 months ago
Ingame Spam Report Feature is Absolutely ridiculous
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