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Quel'dorei Alliance High ELves
Last thread capped at 100 pages <3 So this is the new thread due to the other one capping, let's keep this up For the Quel'dorei!
With Recent events, Ion comments on High Elves were very ignorant and insulting to our huge community, we will keep fighting!
It's Time For High Elves


Taliesin made the video with the purpose of disproving High Elves, BUT after researching as he was making it, he realized that they actually do qualify as an Alliance Allied Race. Here are all his criteria that High Elves meet listed as is in the video:

1. Are they a different enough race to existing playable options? - CHECK
2. Are there enough of them? - CHECK
3. Are they relevant? - CHECK
4. Do they look different enough? - CHECK
(4th not an essential criteria: not met by all other allied races)

The last 6 minutes of the video where he discusses why Void Elves were the wrong answer for High Elf fans and how Void Elves do not meet the criteria that all other allied races meet. Taliesin even mentions The Alurna Manifest of High Elves and showcases his argument for High Elves by presenting the fan art concepts done by our High Elf supporters!


I think Blizzard consider this our playable High Elf and there's no doubt that having Void Elves, having these models as Alliance options definitely makes it feel like the 'genuine' High Elves people want are less likely than ever. This [Void Elves] feels like an answer.....except it doesn't though, does it?

And making this video has made me realize why: I wanted to make a very fair and even-handed case for each argument, for and against, Alliance High Elves to help myself decide as much as anything. So I created this list of criteria that I think the Alliance races all share to see if High Elves could fit in with that, and as we've seen they do fit those criteria. But I've come to realize, Void Elves don't.

WoW Battle for Azeroth Dev Interview - Islands and Wrathion


Time: 4:13-5:10 (End where High Elves are mentioned)!

Perculia: And you've kinda touched on this before, but talking about the Golden Blood Elves a lot of players were really surprised to see that. Especially because Ion at the past Q&A just said it wasn't really a top priority to do customization for older races, so that was really cool to see. Are more little touch-ups like that on the way and was the Golden Blood Elf Eyes something that was a long time coming?.. Or just - it was really funny timing seeing it appear right after it was said it wasn't a priority.

Jeremy Feasel "Muffinus": Yeah so as with anything on the World of Warcraft team, the things that we announce and say at Blizzcon may change significantly over the course of the year. I think what we're finding is that we love the ability to add more player customization options, it's super cool. We found that players have been responding very positive to it. So we'd like to continue doing although we don't have anything to announce quite yet. We would love to hear all of your ideas! Please post them on the forums, let us know what you'd like to see. -Points and looks at camera- It's High Elves :)

Note: PLEASE extend the thread cap! We don't want to spam the forums with multiple versions of these threads, just a singular place to discuss the topic! Thank you! <3

Reason for this thread:
At Blizzcon, the WoW developers asked the community to provide feedback and suggestions on future Allied Races they'd like to see - this is ours!

Purpose of this thread:
Brainstorming ideas how to EVENTUALLY implement and diversify High Elves, so they don't step on Blood Elves' toes.
We will be discussing model alterations, idle stance, animations, customization options, class selection, as well as their overall culture and story.
We fully understand that if HE do happen, it won't be any time soon. Probably not until every baseline race gets an Allied Race counterpart (i.e. Worgen>Sethrak; Goblin>Vulpera).
Goals of this thread:
Aid Blizzard in the eventual implementation of a High Elf Allied Race, in a way that is most acceptable for the majority of the WoW community by providing ideas and suggestions.
We do not want "Blood Elves on the Alliance" - those are Void Elves.
We do not want to "take away an Allied Race slot" - we are aiming for further down the line, after everyone else has taken their turn.
Please note: These threads have been going on for quite some time, and most of the arguments have already been had quite extensively. The below are some examples of the most common, and while people are free to post what they like, anyone making these arguments will likely not get a response.
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Quel'dorei Alliance High ELves
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