9 months ago
Flying mount advice for highmountain tauren?
dumb pointless thread, I know but bear with me for a moment.

I'm currently leveling a highmountain tauren and for their background I've decided they're from the Skyhorn, but here lies my problem with there not being any eagle mount so I'm looking for some input on what flying mount might best fit for a Skyhorn who lost their eagle somehow and needs a replacement.

I've already looked through the possible flying mounts, but I can't quite decide so far on something that would make sense for a highmountain tauren to have who supposedly never left the broken isles before.
9 months ago
Flying mount advice for highmountain tauren?
I'd probably go with something like the Grand Wyvern or maybe a Hippogryph (your Armory Collection gave me some ideas).
The Grand Wyvern simply because I think it looks awesome and as a replacement I think that could work.

"Ow you lost your eagle, sorry to hear that. You're new to the Horde aren't you? How about one of our fine Wyverns here, all fully trained and ready to take to the skies at your command. Just watch out for the horns, you wouldn't want to get your own antlers tangled up there"

Hippogryphs again because they look amazing and could fit in with the idea you had about not leaving the Isles before.

Depending on what class you went with the Class Mounts might work too.
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