8 months ago
Heritage armors for all the existing races ?
People loved the heritage armors, and it's always nice to have a fitting armor to your character.So, wouldn't it be nice if every race got their specific Heritage armors? Which can be unlocked after completing a series of challenging tasks in-game? I was thinking ;

-Blood elves could have a golden-red Spellbreaker outfit, something very iconic from Warcraft III.

-Night elves could get that cool Sentinel armor which is also very iconic for them , or something which can resamble that night elf from the vanilla cinematic, which is also very similar to the night elf Sentinel armor.

-Taurens could finally get those Native-American themed feather crowns , and totems on their backs.

-Trolls could get something wild with tusks & Voodoo dolls on it, seething with mojo.Something that resembles a witch doctor from WC III.

I can really go on with that list for all existing races, but feel free to share what you have in your mind as the possible-heritage armors.
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8 months ago
Heritage armors for all the existing races ?
That's a pretty good suggestion Incu! I'd like to see more as well.
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