8 months ago
Herald of the Titans (13-05-2018) EU-Horde

Hello Everyone,

I would like to find some extra players to finally get the Herald of the Titans achievement. I'm currently looking for some extra dps, 1 healer and 1 tank.
I will have some back-up spots available. Sign up at

Raid information:
13th of May at 20.30 Server time
We will be using Discord voice chat on the Achievement Discord:

- lvl 80 character with at least 220+ ilvl
- you need gems AND enchants!
- no heirlooms!
- Cataclysm consumables!
- we're not boosting => be prepared!
- good attitutade => creating drama will result in replacement

For gearing, gems, enchants and consumables check following link:

NEED TO READ: Algalon guide on wowhead
8 months ago
Herald of the Titans (13-05-2018) EU-Horde
Good luck Bombouzzo! Hope you will find enough people!
Currently Ranked: Fluff