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Boosted character unable to finish the Argus chapters
Hello there,

I have recently pre-ordered the BFA expansion and decided to use the character boost option to quickly get into the Legion experience before the next expansion.

I have decided to unlock the Nether Crucible device by completing the Argus chapters quests, but there is one quest that I cant complete - [Remnants of Darkfall Ridge].

I am supposed to pick this quest and then pick up a mission from the Scouting Map, which is on a table at the Vindicaar. However, I am just not getting the option to select this particular mission - Darkfall Ridge Supplies.

Here is an image of what the map gives me as options - https://ibb.co/i3vYy8
Here is how it is supposed to look like - https://ibb.co/ciQiy8

I beg you for some help, because this is incredibly frustrating and I hope that I won't have to go through all of the Legion territories and quests in order to unlock this quest...
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1 year ago
Boosted character unable to finish the Argus chapters
Hey Dinsy!

Since you've just boosted, you may not have fully unlocked your Class Hall, the Campaign/storyline and the Champions that help you on these missions. Once you've made a start and got your first few Champions you'll get access to the missions. Even then you probably have a ways to go though, as those Champions will need to be leveled, geared up via special armor tokens and so forth before they're capable of handing a mission like this.

This link should help explain the basics further: http://www.wowhead.com/legion-class-hall-mission-guide
1 year ago
Boosted character unable to finish the Argus chapters
Hey there Akaoek,

From what I can see on your recently boosted Warrior on Kilrogg, you already completed the first quest you receive upon arriving in Dalaran ('An Important Mission'). You should now see the quest 'Return to the Broken Shore' near Krasus' Landing.

Even though the name may make it sound like it is the Legion introduction scenario, it is not. The quest is part of the Warrior Class Hall campaign and will set you on your way to your first Artifact weapon. :)

On a side note, it is always best to create your own forum topic rather than replying to an older unrelated one. That way your issue isn't being overlooked.

Good luck on the Broken Isles or in Kul Tiras of course. ^^
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