9 months ago
More acces to Mage tower
First of all, hi everyone
I'm not here to complain just want to point out my view of this.

Because as the removal of those skins coming sooner and sooner, that's how my stress is coming higher and higher.

I'm a working person in IRL, and came home, planed to make mage tower on my prot warrior, and feral druid, and had to realyse that couldn't do that cause the mage tower was not up, its very fine, but, tell me how should I do these mage towers when its not enough that they will be removed soon, but now I have to worry about uptime too.

So at least, if they gonna be removed then help us blizz, keep those towers up all time so I can do them in my free time, and not have to worry about uptime, or make them free, so i don't have to farm those invasions, whats uptime is also have some inappropriate schedule.

Thanks for the, read,
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9 months ago
More acces to Mage tower
14/06/2018 16:10Posted by Punyelf
Haven't they said they are going to change it so the tower is up constantly at some point before BfA?

Yes. More details to come soon™
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