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Champions of Legionfall after recruiting all champions
For the Champions of Legionfall quest - i am asked to recruit a new champion in my order hall (monk in this case) - easy enough exept i have completed my orderhall campaign and already have 8 Followers - how then, do i complete quest?
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Champions of Legionfall after recruiting all champions
06/06/2018 14:27Posted by Ivydoom
It's another follower you can recruit and the quest starts in your order hall. It doesn't have anything to do with the followers you recruit during your campaign, or any others you may find out in the world.
This quest is about a specific follower you will get when you finish this particular quest line.


To further expand on that, you may want to have a look at these two pages on Wowhead, Bluecircle :)

The first is related to the "Champions of Legionfall" quest itself and includes a list of the requirements you will need to fulfill in order to proceed, while the second - the follower's page - has a more detailed description of the quest line needed to recruit her.

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