9 months ago
Hidden Wardens' Rep in WQs?

I was wondering if The Wardens' rep is ever a hidden bonus in world quests or if it is always the mentioned Rep? I know some WQs offer 2 sets of rep (Usually the Wardens with the zone faction the WQ is in) but recently did a High Mountain WQ where I got both HM rep and Valarjar as a hidden bonus rep.

So, is Wardens rep ever bonus Rep for WQs?
9 months ago
Hidden Wardens' Rep in WQs?
Hey Twìgs,

I'll start from the last part of your post, there are a couple of World quests that can award reputation for Valarjar, but are not located in Stormheim. These quests mainly have to do with Helya and Helya's minions, and are located in Aszuna and Highmountain areas.

Now regarding your actual query for the Wardens reputation, the quests that will award Warden rep should only be Warden World Quests, as far as I'm aware. I've not encountered or heard of a hidden reputation trigger that would provide Waarden rep, on quests that are not flagged as Warden World quests. Because they are also being done in a particular area, they will also award reputation relevant to the area. So for example, a Warden World Quest will also give Valarjar reputation.

I hope that I've answered your post, feel free to give me an update if I haven't addressed it, or if you wanted to ask anything else.
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