9 months ago
Balance of power
Hello im currently working on getting my artifact appearance from the balance of power quest line on my monk. Problem is i have no clue on how to get the quest that begins it called "Before the storm". Ive completed all zones on the broken isles, completed my orderhall campain and gotten my class mount
Help me plz. Thanks in advance :P

9 months ago
Balance of power
Hey there Odder,

I'm not entirely sure which quest you are referring to with 'Before the Storm' but what is usually the case with these long quest chains is that they were already started some time ago. They are then left or abandoned at some point, making it challenging to figure out exactly where you were at. :)

Looking at your quest log, you do seem to be back on track now, but in case you want to glance over the full chain then websites such as WoWhead.com may be of help still.

Good luck!
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