1 year ago
Battle net glitchy as hell
Where do i start? ive had to log in about 20 times now because every time i restart it says log in session expired. then sometimes it doenst even log in just stays on the spinning icon forever. Sometimes when i do log in it just says "waiting for another installation or update" and stays like that for 30+ mins...
Ive already deleted the folders in APPDATA and restart my pc and checked the proxy setting on LAN nothing is working..
This only started today..just wanna play the damn game i paid for.

Help blizzard
1 year ago
Battle net glitchy as hell
Hey all,

We are looking into this at the moment. Please have a look into this forum thread, and respond to that forum thread with the requested information so we can look into this further.

Locking this thread now, to keep everything together in one place.
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