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Legion is almost over: What were its best parts?
Looking back on what has been a great expansion, what were your favorite parts?

My top 3, in no spesific order:

Suramar questlines, including the Insurrection campaign:
Great story, questing and sense of place, including two dungeons and a weekly tv episode style story in Insurrection, leading up to the opening of The Nighthold.

The Nighthold: Concluding the middle chapter of Legion, finally taking care of Gul'dan and freeing Suramar from the Legion. Included such great bosses as Star Augur, who will be remembered for years to come.

Mythic plus: While I haven't played too much M+, I greatly appreciate what it has done for the game, giving players a way to progress their characters and play with friends outside of raids at end-game.

Honorable mentions: The Deaths of Chromie, World Quests (in moderation!) and Return to Karazhan.
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Legion is almost over: What were its best parts?
I'll chip in some things I thoroughly enjoyed in Legion!

1) Story has been incredible for me and I love the lore behind the Artifacts.

2) I enjoyed the raids quite a bit, especially Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras!

3) This and this!
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Legion is almost over: What were its best parts?
For me it has been the Mage Tower, and to a lesser extent Order Hall Campaigns. Legion has been the most I've played my alts in any expansion because of the Mage Tower and class-specific storylines.

Although I did really enjoy going back to Karazhan as well, it was a great spin on a place I have lots of fond memories of!
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Legion is almost over: What were its best parts?
I was a big fan of the artifacts and Class Hall Campaigns and lore. As someone with lots of alt characters, it was very handy to have a good weapon available without too much effort required and they all looked awesome. It also allowed me to test all classes and their specs with relative ease, as previously I was usually held back by having to get a relevant weapon for the spec I wanted to try.

Naturally, I was also big on unlocking as many of the artifact appearances as I could, and the Mage Tower challenges have been a great experience. I've only done the ones I really liked or wanted the appearance for but even then I've completed over half of them at this point and I might try for a few more with my new overpowered artifacts :).

World Quests and Mythic Keystones were great additions to the game and I'm glad to see them coming back for Battle for Azeroth.

Finally, the raiding experience has been pretty amazing, with lots of great boss encounters inside places filled to the brim with lore details and history.
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