1 year ago
Players ban players
At least it looks like that lately.
This particular character was banned four times for inappropriate name - which , in fact, was just "Rooster" if I translate it to english.
Support told me that current system is like that - some number of reports (WITH NO MODERATION FROM BLIZZARD) and yer banned (almost instantly). Amazing.

So a group of dedicated people can just ban a player at will.
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1 year ago
Players ban players
Hey all,

If you receive a character name change, suspension or any other sort of account action that you do not agree with, please do not hesitate and appeal the action. Information and steps to do so can be found in the Appeal Ban or Suspension Support Article.

Just to be clear though, some of the masked names that have been mentioned here so far (this would include writing the name in a different language) fall under inappropriate naming catagory. For more information, have a look at Blizzard's Code of Conduct.

I'm locking this thread now to prevent it from derailing further.
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