7 months ago
Artifact (silithus) Quest / ''Witness to the Wound''
Hello, I have boosted my warrior to 110 level 3 hours ago. The problem is, in Orgrimmar, I can't see the quest to go to Silithus to max the level of my Artifact Weapon.

I have tried to go to Silithus as well but still, there is that old Silithus again and no quest...

So should I finish Artifact Campaing or should I go for the whole Argus Questline ?

Thank you for your helps...
7 months ago
Artifact (silithus) Quest / ''Witness to the Wound''
Hey there Kozdriel,

Papudeath is absolutely right, it takes 24 hours after the character boost is used for this quest to unlock unless you progress in the Argus storyline up until Sizing up the Opposition. This is mentioned in our character boost FAQ here: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/137381

If it has already been 24 hours since your boost, head to Stormwind or Orgrimmar and you should have the quest Summons to Orgrimmar or Summons to Stormwind.

If you're not getting those quests there are a few things it could be, check the map in Stormwind/Orgrimmar for Gifts of the Fallen (Alliance) or A Recent Discovery (Horde) if you see those quests pick them up.

The final step is to check your map of Silithus, if you see the old version of Silithus head down there and speak with Zidormi she will allow your character to see the new version of the zone, after the events of Antorus. If you don't see any quests on your map in Silithus, head back to your capital city and relog and you will be given Summons to Stormwind/Summons to Orgrimmar.

I hope that helps Kozdriel
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