7 months ago
how many characters in BfA?
Hello everyone!

I'm wondering how many characters are u guys planning on playing in BfA?
I was never really an alt guy but i actually plan on playing atleast 3-3 characters on both sides, maybe more.

Im currently living that part of my life where i have every time for myself (for the game too) so i decided that i will go for as many as u can and gear as many as i can.

How about you? Will you stick only to your main or taking several alts to the new islands? :)
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7 months ago
how many characters in BfA?
I'll probably get my 2 "mains" up to 120 fairly quickly within the first month or so. Then over the course of the expansion I'll get the other 10 alts up, most of them won't likely see any serious play beyond professions and shenanigans though. Unless another Mage Tower comes along...
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