7 months ago
GM Appreciation thread ^^
I've been stuck with a problem for 4 hours, and while trying to resolve it, i encountered three GMs which were very happy to help me. The last gm has been stuck with me for an hour, chatting about mage tower challenges, raiding, leveling and a bunch of other fun things. Cheers <snip>, your patience is something out of a dream! I think it's time we appreciate them by sharing our best stories with GMs, have a few laughs about their jokes, and continue playing our game! Cheers to all the GMs who do their job and help us remain in the world of Azeroth!
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Community Manager
7 months ago
GM Appreciation thread ^^
It's always great to hear of the awesome experiences players have had with our award-winning GM department. We'll certainly make sure the feedback finds it's way to the GM in question. :)

I'm going to move this thread over to the Customer Support forum which is more appropriate.
Blizzard Employee
7 months ago
GM Appreciation thread ^^
Hello Aethelia,

Thanks a million for your kind words. I am sure, the Game Master appreciates them very much.

Kind regards

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