7 months ago
Perm Banned without a reason, what do i do?

I got this email

'Action: Closure - World of Warcraft License
The above game license has been closed following this violation of the World of Warcraft Code of Conduct and Terms of Use: (http://www.blizzard.com/company/about/termsofuse.html). As the account holder, you are responsible for the activity associated with this game license. The abuse that took place was an unacceptable detriment to other players, the integrity of the game world, and the quality of our service as a whole.'

I have no idea what it relates to, It says 'violation...code of conduct' and hints towards 'abuse that took place'.... still could mean 500 different things and without evidence, i cant say whether i did anything wrong, was there any circumstances that affects it, such as provokation, a joke, etc.

I appealed the ban and requested that they provide me with evidence and more details as to what happened, why i was banned, the people involved, times, dates, as you'd naturally expect when this sort of thing happens.

Instead all i got in reply was :

'We have looked into this and found our evidence is correct and uphold the ban, this can not be appealed in future and any tickets made in relation to this will be cancelled'

woah wait a second.. what????

'Our evidence' they say... SHOW ME???? i have no idea why im banned still and your refusing to show me it!

what the hell blizzard, you really cant just ban someone and not tell them why, or provide them with details.

In my appeal i said :

'Please show me evidence relating to this matter as you have not provided me with any, therefore i cannot appeal this ban properly without knowing the same facts you do... I believe i have been treated unfairly, the reasonable response would be to communicate with me about the issue first, or perhaps give me a warning/temp ban prior to a permanent one. As its a first time offence for me (supposedly) I would ask to be dealt with reasonably and if i have broken some code of conduct that i am unaware of, i will change my behaviour accordingly and make sure it does not happen again'

I believe i was very reasonable and well mannered given the fact i just been perm banned on my main account, over 10 years old. yet their reply is like ive just made a lvl 5 char on a trial acc, they treat me like i am nothing, wont listen to a word i say, wont give me evidence, details, wont even let me open a ticket about it and im still 100% confused as to why im banned and im loosing the will to be honest. I just have no clue what i can do. all i get it an appeal link from GM's and they say 'If our team has made an action on your case, we can do nothing about it', thanks!

So yeah, any suggestions?
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Customer Service
7 months ago
Perm Banned without a reason, what do i do?
The forums aren't the place to discuss account actions. they are also not the place for toxic language.

I'm locking this thread for both those reasons. I suggest in future you watch your language when posting, or your friend does, or they think twice about quoting you verbatim.

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