2 years ago
Blackrock Depths - Lower City
Hello people.
I'm quite new to Wow and probably dont know many things so... Could you explain me how i can get to Lower City in Blackrock Depths? A mean, in Dungeon Finder i only can get to Upper City and no one wants to go to lower. But i'd like to do my druid class quest there (killing Pyromancer). Does nobody do this part of dungeon actualy?
2 years ago
Blackrock Depths - Lower City
15/07/2018 09:21Posted by Darkelth
you will probably be able to solo BRD pretty soon

I second the idea :) Soon enough you will be able to clear Blackrock Depths without any kind of external help.

Revisiting old dungeons and raids as a high-level character is always a pleasing experience, in my opinion, since you can enjoy the setting without being subject to time or difficulty constraints.

Not to mention it is usually very rewarding in terms of transmogs and extra goodies (pets, mounts, etc.) and that soon legacy dungeons and raids will award even more loot!
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