6 months ago
Mounts not counting towards achievement
Some time ago I got to 287 mounts on the achievement on my main Rogue (which is currently bugged on forum so can't post as it) and since then I've gotten 3 more mounts, namely the Pale Thorngazer, Pureblood Fire Hawk and the Astral Cloud Serpent.

The problem is that none of these increased the number on my achievement, even though I was on that very same character and I got 3 new mounts. Anyone have any idea why this is happening and how or if I can fix it?

Thanks in advance,

6 months ago
Mounts not counting towards achievement
Hey there Mateusz,

Aldru is on the right track here. Whenever you obtain a new (neutral) mount but your total for the Mount Achievement did not increase, it means another character on your account is holding the record instead.

Logging into that character will then also make it pick up on the latest mount you earned and therefore update the total as well.
It seems that has now happened for you as well after logging into your Paladin.

Good luck with the mount hunt though! Getting very close to that 400 now. ^^
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