2 weeks ago
A Short-Lived Peace questline not starting

I still haven't got the bfa starter quest, is there some questline I need to finish before I get it or is it a bug?
1 week ago
A Short-Lived Peace questline not starting
Hey Gdaemon and Heksenkaas,

The starting quests for the War of Thorns event should show up in your quest log automatically. It will ask you to either meet Anduin in Stormwind Keep or Sylvanas in the Undercity. The rest of the chain follows from thereon.

@Bravestárr: I think your issue is slightly different. The only quests that can be skipped are those of the first week, and then only after accepting and completing the introductory quest at Anduin or Sylvanas. If you already passed that point, then you will have to complete the rest of the chain. Abandoning wouldn't let you backstep.

The new quests from Wednesday cannot be skipped at all though. Those will need completing on each character individually.

Good luck to you all out in Darkshore!
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