2 years ago
Super efficient dungeon farming class
I've been trying to find an alt class to play through and clear old dungeons/raids quickly. I want to be able to travel through the instance very quickly but also have at least one AOE ability I can regularly spam to clear trash mobs. Ideally it needs to be something instant cast and require no builder abilities first. Also has a 360' range rather than just in front.

Feral druid is the closest thing I've found so far. Cat form with dash to get around super fast, plus they have Swipe and Thrash for AOE.

Anything beat or come close to this?
1 year ago
Super efficient dungeon farming class
On a general level, you will want to look for classes that have both high mobility and strong AoE damage, yes :)

The above-mentioned fury warrior is in a great spot at the moment (the Timeless Stratagem legendary shoulderpiece will provide you with two additional Heroic Leap charges, and there a few great talents - Double Time, Bounding Stride - that synergise very well with the class kit and legendary items to further improve mobility).

Some form of ranged damage will help too (e.g. the twilight drakes appearing before the Ultraxion encounter, the gargoyles and frost wyrms in Hyjal Summit, etc.). Heroic Throw only helps so much in that regard :P
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