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Very hard to level/unobtainable exalted reputations
Goodday everybody,

pretty sure most of this has been posted before, however Id like to bump it once more:

During Legion, I changed my main character (been playing a hunter from Vanilla but the Demonhunter turned out to be exactly the class what Ive been looking for, after a long doubt I finally made the switch), and because I didnt like all the unequally filled (mostly red) reputation bars, I decided to start another reputation grind. (I allready got Insane in the Membrane on my hunter, but hey, why not do it again)

At this point, Im at 91 exalted reputations. Compliments for Blizzard for making it possible to get both the Gelkis clan and Magram clan centaurs obtainable as exalted these days. Im still actively working on the few remaining ones (and Im aware a bunch of new faction/reputations will be added in BFA). Most of the remaining ones are " easily" obtainable (just take time, like clearing Molten Core for a few more weeks to get the Hydraxian Waterlords at exalted), however Id like to adress this post to 2 specific faction reputations:

The Black Prince
since the removal of the legendary cloak questline in Mists of Pandaria, the only way to get reputation for this faction is by killing one of the Celestial bosses on Timeless Isle, rewarding 500 rep. So on characters created after MoP, this will require 84 weeks to get from neutral to exalted (about 1,5 year). Id understand that by making the legendary cloak unobtainable, the removal of these quests was necessary, however it shouldnt affect the gathering of a reputation in such an extreme way...

Possible suggestion to fix this:
- add reputation tokens you can buy during the MoP timewalking event (like the tokens from ALL the other MoP factions). 500 rep / 50 badges
- restore the reputation from killing mobs on Isle of Thunder

Zandalar tribe
Since the removal of this faction, its unobtainable to get. It does count on the road towards getting 100 exalted reputations, so basically this means characters levelled after Cataclysm went live (I believe thats when the Zandalar Tribe got removed) are at a disadventage towards obtaining the 100 exalted faction achievement. One can say that players sticking to the same character are rewarded this way, and especially those that got exalted with the Zandalar Tribe. However Ive done this in the past on my hunter as well, making this a bit wry...

And by talking to an NPC at Hardwrench Hideaway (in Stranglethorn Vale) you can still get the faction to show on your reputation tab (I checked it:, making OCD freaks (like me) really annoyed....

possible solutions:
- make unobtainable/removed reputations that a player DID get on exalted on any character, account wide. The player allready has shown he/she is capable doing a reputation grind, however if Blizzard decides the faction will be removed which will make it impossible to get on any newly created characters, this cannot be the reason for not getting it.
(note: this isnt the same as making ALL exalted reputations account wide, for example: ravenholdt is very time-consuming, just like the Steamwheedle Catern factions, I happily grinded those again)
- restore the faction at some point in BFA, making gathering reputation possible again? Clearly not everything has been removed, otherwise I wouldnt have gotten the reputation bar to show as neutral)

(And at some point this also could effect reputations like Shen'dralar, however Ive never made this one to exalted on any character, so I think I'm not in the position to discuss those here)

I know I can easily jump back to my hunter, who is on a 2 faction adventage compared with my demonhunter (a few weeks ago I allready made an ingame ticket about this, the gamemaster suggested me I could use my hunter to get to 100 exalted reputions), however Im hoping there could be different solutions, so Im hoping this post might help a little bit
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Very hard to level/unobtainable exalted reputations
Some solid suggestions there Marzil, thanks for the excellent post.
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