1 year ago
Terrified of mythic dungeons
I really want to finish the "siege of Boralus" story,but it is on mythic difficulty only,and i just can't get myself to sign up for the groups there. Never done one before,because it seems like it's a bit more pressure involved ,around mythics.
I've just gotten used to sign up for normal/heroic dungeons,and even then i can feel my heart pounding a bit extra,in case i mess up something , because i'm not that good of a player yet.
I wish Blizzard would'nt lock story behind mythics,but one can only hope. :)

Just a whisper from a player with a touch of anxiety.. :)

Edit: typo fix and stuff

Edit 2:

I've done the run.
I had an great group,that helped me through the dungeon,thanks to this thread. :)
Thank you all. :)
(It was good to get it done,but i think i'll stick to normal dungeons from now on, if that's an option next time around :) )
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1 year ago
Terrified of mythic dungeons
Hey Arinaj!

It's perfectly normal to be a little apprehensive about this. It's all new content and mythic just sounds so big and scary! It would certainly be a good idea to gather some friends for this, or set up your own group in the Looking for Group tool and explain you're doing a learning run so you can select and invite people who seem to have the same attitude about it as you do.

Thankfully, we have a pretty awesome community and it looks like you already have plenty of offers to join your group and help you run through this dungeon. You might even make some new friends this way, whose guild you can join if they're on the same realm as you are, or keep them as Battletag contacts for other dungeon runs in the future, if you end up developing a liking for it.

If you end up completing the Siege of Boralus dungeon through this post then I am looking forward to seeing you with an update on it here, and hopefully some shiny new loot to show off as well! :)
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