1 week ago
Can't access the War of Thorns questline
Ok, so i abandoned the first war of thorns quest on my horde character because i've already done it on my ally char, right.
so i thought i could just get an option to skip the whole thing if i didn't accept it but now i can't get the quest at all.
i just want to experience the quests as horde and get the gear on darkshore.
6 days ago
Can't access the War of Thorns questline
Hey there Ronger,

It seems you were passed the point from where you could skip, so the only option now is to continue and complete the rest of the quests. The quest you abandoned can be found again in Astranaar from Highlord Saurfang.

You can also find a handy guide on Wowhead in case you want to see what else is there to come or how far along in the chain you are. :)

@Asmod├Čna: From what I can tell, you found your missing quest already.

Good luck to you both in Darkshore!
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